Is there an age limit for Bogey Bear students?

We accept students ages 7 to 17.

Is Bogey Bear just for Beginner golfers?

No, there are 3 skill levels of Bogey Bear students: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.  To graduate to the Intermediate and Advanced levels requires the approval of a consensus of the coaches.

Intermediate Level: 1-2 years at the Beginners level.  You will need to demonstrate to the coaches that you are able to consistently hit the ball at the driving range straight and far as determined by the club selected.  You will need to demonstrate that you can chip and putt consistently at different distances accurately.  At the Intermediate level, you will be asked to arrive at 9:45 a.m. to practice at the stations for 10 minutes each then play the short-9 course with a coach and learn rules and etiquette.  You will probably get 6-7 holes completed by 11:30 a.m.

Advanced Level: 1-2 years at the Intermediate level. You will be asked to arrive at 9:15 a.m., warm up at the driving range then play the short-9 course.  You will need to demonstrate to the coaches your course management and knowledge of rules and etiquette.  At this level, you will be expected to be skilled enough to help coach the Beginner Bogey Bear clinic if they require additional assistance.  It is expected that at this level, you are playing on your high school’s golf team.  It is expected that at this level, you are playing local and national junior golf tournaments.  It is expected that at this level you are so tournament savvy, you are shooting in the high 60’s or low 70’s like some of our students are…

Do I need to bring my own golf clubs?

No, Bogey Bear has you covered.  We have clubs to fit every player and ability.  As the student becomes more skilled and taller as the season progresses during the summer, we have clubs that will grow with the student.

Do I need to purchase range balls or bring my own practice balls?

No, Bogey Bear has you covered.  Bogey Bear provides the balls used on the driving range.  The balls used for putting, chipping and in the bunker were generously donated to Bogey Bear by Mr. George Heim.

Will I be just hitting balls in the range and putting all season long?

No.  We have a Bogey Bear curriculum who’s ultimate goal is to get every student to be able to play 9 holes of ready-golf and knowing basic rules and etiquette.  And of course, have fun along the way!

During the course of the season, the students will continue to practice at the stations (driving range, putting, chipping, bunker) and when deemed ready as determined by their coach, are allowed to play on the short-9 course accompanied by a coach.  This is their first introduction to the nuances of rules and etiquette.  It will be at the coach’s discretion if the student will be invited back out to play on the short-9 course again or, if the student requires additional station work.

I am closer to 17 than 7. I have never golfed before. Will I be in a group with 7 year old protegees?

No.  Although Bogey Bear welcomes students from age 7 through 17, we realize that not everyone develops an interest in golf early in their career.  We attempt to group students not only by ability but by age as they rotate through the different stations (putting, chipping, bunker, driving range).  We also have high school students who play on their respective high school golf teams who are Mentors/Coaches who conduct one-on-one sessions with older students.

Can kids play in the annual tournament?

Due to course and Bogey Bear Golf restrictions, younger players are allowed to play at the tournament committee’s discretion.  It might be more appropriate for them to play in the end of the year student tournament.

Do I need to wear a collared shirt and khakis to class just like the pros?

No, we want you to be comfortable and able to swing your arms with ease.  We prefer that you dress for the weather; several layers of clothes and a jacket with a hood or, a golf hat on those drizzly days.  And during the summer, knee length shorts are fine (girls and boys) and a golf hat.  We prefer that you don’t wear tank tops.  Remember, you are representing the Bogey Bear Jr Golf program.

Is there an Inclement Weather policy?

Bogey Bear Jr. Golf will be in session – rain, hail or snow!  On those days, we will still have the driving range open and will teach rules and etiquette in the banquet room.