Dr. John Lee had a passion for golf.  Dr. John Lee had a vision for junior golf.  Combine the two, throw in an embroidery machine and you’ve got the Bogey Bear Jr. Golf Foundation.  

Dr. Lee used his own funds to introduce Bogey Bear Jr. Golf to most of the inner city elementary schools.  He called it Little League competition since the kids were familiar with the term.  Each student received a collared shirt with a bear that he embroidered himself once he realized he could do it for less.  He was a frugal visionary.

Bogey Bear Jr. Golf Foundation is a non-profit organization and is funded 100% by donations and managed by volunteers.  The bulk of our donations are received through the Dr. John Lee Memorial Bogey Bear Jr. Golf Tournament.

Carol Chin was a founding member of the Bogey Bear Jr. Golf Foundation.  Even before computers and digital cameras, she kept the Foundation in tip-top shape.  Being an avid golfer herself, she never hesitated to jump in and coach a Bogey Bear student.  In her honor, the First Place Team in Flight A of the Bogey Bear Jr. Golf Tournament is awarded the Carol Chin Champions Trophy.  Also in Carol’s honor, her family has established the Carol Chin Scholarship Fund to benefit Bogey Bear students.

Consider a donation to the Bogey Bear Jr. Golf Foundation so we can keep Dr. Lee’s vision alive for the next generation of youth golfers.

Bogey Bear Jr. Golf – WISH LIST

Is that extra set of golf clubs taking up room in your garage?  How about that pair of golf shoes that fit well in the store but after one round, you knew you couldn’t wear them again?  Don’t we all have a bucket of perfectly good golf balls that just aren’t your brand?

Why not make a donation of those items to help our youth golfers and clean out your garage.  It’s a win-win situation!  Bogey Bear Jr. Golf accepts gently used golf related items to use during class or to reward to promising students.  Our Bogey Bear crew cuts down and re-grips adult clubs to use during class.  We also let students borrow clubs so they can practice in between Saturday clinics and even during the off-season.  If we receive junior golf clubs with a junior bag, we will reward a promising student with the entire set.  And all of those golf balls – we use them on the putting, chipping and bunker stations.  Not to mention if a students declares that, “this is my lucky golf ball!”  we let them keep it.

Gently used adult & youth golf clubs and bags.

Gently used golf balls, shoes and other accoutrements.

Healthy treats and cases of water that we use to reward the students after each Saturday clinic.